That Takes the Cake 2013

Last Saturday I went to the That Takes the Cake! competition in north Austin. I hadn’t planned on going but by the time I got around to being an active human being, it was too late to go to the juggling festival like I planned, so I decided on the spur of the moment to go here instead. I’m so glad I went! There were tons of great cakes and it was an incredible display of talent – congrats to anyone who entered a cake.  I was thoroughly impressed by everything, from the six and unders’ cakes to the professionals’!

I couldn’t possibly show all the amazing cakes I saw, so I decided to post my favorites and classify them as winners of entirely made up categories.  Enjoy!

Kirby Cake! (In the kids' division)

“Cutest Video Game Cake”

First up is this cute Kirby cake from the kids’ division.  I have a special fondness for Kirby, as Kirby’s Avalanche! is the only video game I’ve ever had any aptitude for.

My favorite Alice in Wonderland cake - from a vendor's table.

“Best Alice in Wonderland Cake”

It’s a popular theme, but this vendor had all the competitors beat. Drink in the crazy eyes and the massive hat!

Detail on a peacock cake!

“Best Cake with Feathers”

This was my favorite of the bird/feathered/peacock cakes.  It’s just a detail of the tail, but I loved the colors used and it’s a great way to really absorb how much time and effort these creations take.

Sewing cake

“Best Domestic Arts Cake”

Not that there were that many, but I a) thought the cake was adorable b) have fond memories of playing with my mother’s sewing tools and c) love the way the picture turned out.

Upside down cake

“Cleverest Concept”

 I give you the upside down cake!

Aviator detail

“Adventure I most want to be on!”

This is a detail from a cloud cake – I’m not sure what the specific inspiration is, if there was any.

Hippo cake

“Delicious Interpretation of a Deadly Animal”

Seriously.  I know hippos look fat and adorable but it’s all just a cute, deadly act.

Angry birds/Star Wars crossover

“Best Nerd Cake!”

My favorite part is the melting Storm Trooper.  Imagine the garbage compactor scene, but with the heroes melting in their Storm Trooper costumes instead.

Another Alice in Wonderland cake - the smile is brilliant.

“Creepiest Smile.”

It may not be my favorite AIW cake, but it is the one that’ll haunt my dreams tonight.

Flower cake

“Best Hat Cake”

Hats were another popular cake concept, and this one was my favorite – I love the elegant curve of the lines and the deep purple color.

Jungle cake

“Cake I most want at my next Birthday Bash”

Who wouldn’t want this cake at their 5th (or 25th, hint-hint) birthday parties?

Wizard of Oz cake detail

“Best Ferocious Tree”

It’s cute ’cause he’s grumpy.

Peanuts cake accessory

“Best Peanuts Tribute”

It’s a cake accessory, rather than a cake, but I liked it more than any of the Peanuts cakes, so it wins.

Gigantic Harry Potter cake

“Best Wizard Cake”

Not a terribly popular category – this was the only one, I think, but it was huge-probably more than 3 feet tall! And I absolutely love the Golden Snitch.

Lorax cake

“Best Dr. Seuss Cake”

Again, it was the only one but I loved it so much it’s a winner anyway.

Hot air balloon cake

“Most Elegant Cake”

Doesn’t it remind you of the Romanovs? I suggest we hide a piece in the freezer and name it “Anastasia.”

Flower and eyelet cake

“The Trifecta!”

This cake wins because it is equally cute, elegant, and creepy as fuck.

Crocodile cake

“Most Terrifyingly Realist Cake”

“Most Terrifying Cake, Period”

“Also, the Cake whose Maker I most want to Meet”

This cake is fantastic.  Seriously.  I am incredibly jealous of whomever got to eat that sweet, sweet crocodile tail.

Vendor's sign

“Best Vendor Display”

For obvious reasons.

My landscape cupcake

“Participation Award”

Whereas I try my hands at decorating and realize, sadly, that my true talent lies in the eating of these delicious confections rather than the making.

That’s all, folks!

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