Today the UT Hindu Student Association threw their annual Holi event – the Hindu festival of colors – and I ended up going last minute with a bunch of friends.  Everyone had bags of colored cornstarch to throw on everyone and a few people were throwing water and water balloons.  The DJ played a mix of club and Bollywood songs that made for an awesome dance mix. I bravely took my camera into the crowd – it will be receiving a professional cleaning this week – and snapped pictures when I could.  Just fyi, this is open to the campus and community and there were a few families there.  (It’s on campus, so no alcohol.)  Check it out one day.

Most of faces ended up looking like some variation of this.


But the faces started out looking like this.  The red and purple would cover up the lighter colors if they got mixed.


Jamming out – the crowd was huge!


Dancing like it’s hot! It actually got a little warm with all the bodies moving around. They let the photographers/videographers roam around on the DJ’s stage which let gave us the opportunity for crowd shots!

IMG_3460-rsBollywood dancing.  Everyone kept trying to imitate it – the easiest move was “screwing in the lightbulb” (well, that’s what I told it was called)  so that’s what a large portion of the crowd started doing, rather than the more awesome moves.


Bevo showed up!


The beach balls kept on hitting the DJ’s booth and closing the laptop.  Eventually they had to take them out of the  crowd.


The colors really made people’s eyes pop.


A group of students did a Bollywood performance at the DJ stage which is making me consider taking some of the Bollywood classes a local dance studio offers.  It was awesome.


The second dance shot.


This is why college students shouldn’t have pets.


My friend, Stewart.  A quadruple (!) major.


Libby, who’s incredibly beautiful as well as being a formidable athlete.

IMG_3349-rsAnd Jake, who excels at being both awesome and cool.

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