Rock yo’ Socks Off Soup Party

As a last-minute thing, I went to a soup party today after volunteering at the garden.  I’m not a huge soup fan, but I did eat some delicious sweet potato soup and I will be going back for more.  It’s a monthly thing in Austin – search for Community Soup Party-ATX on Facebook to find out more – hosted by the love Katie of Hot Love Soup.  There was music, dancing, and I ran into some old friends and made some new ones.  A huge success!


This is the band.  They were playing Brazilian music – maybe sambas? People were dancing salsa to it, but it wasn’t a salsa beat.  Anyway, they were very good.


My friend Zany! There was a juice truck in the lot – this was held at East Austin Succulents, and I loved all the plants! – and I got some delicious apple juice, fresh squeezed.  Zany got a smoothie which was also delicious.


It was BYOB – bring your own bowl! And spoon, too, please.


Soup table #1.


Soup table #2.  They had tons of varieties – everything from curry-based soup to vegan sweet potato soup. (yum! I’m not vegan, but I love vegetables and I almost always go for the vegan/vegetarian options.)


Dancing! I didn’t actually end up dancing any-the wood chips on the ground seemed challenging-but I was impressed by the couples that braved it.


This is Katie, who hosts the soup parties.  She was incredibly welcoming and gracious.  Everyone else was following her example-people who so warm and friendly!


Breaking out the cascerones for Easter!


The band brought in an accordion.


This little cutie is probably a pug/lab mix and does not approve of beet soup.

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