Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens


My mom took my brother’s girlfriend and me to the Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens last weekend. (I can’t believe I spent most of my life so close to these gardens and I’ve never been before!)  This first post is the critters and creatures post.


They had a little terrarium and aquarium area by the gift shop.  I love how intent this little dudette looks.


It’s a long-neck!  Turtles are amazing, no?


Another friendly lizard.  Reptiles are probably the most photogenic of animal groups.


This beauty is from the butterfly gardens.  He was quite the attention hog and just sat there and let me take picture after picture!

IMG_9298There were a surprisingly large amount of birds there, several of which could talk.  One screamed “Hello!” at us as we walked by and gave us quite a shock.


An iguana preening for the crowd.


The last turtle picture! I don’t know what species this guy was but he’s the coolest thing ever.  I love the spots and the claws and the color and – well, I just love how cute he is!

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