San Antonio Zoo



This tiny little guy brought to you courtesy of the San Antonio Zoo, where I went with my best friend for some fun time.  Isn’t he adorable?


They had a two-headed turtle! It was hard to get a clear picture – they were in the reptile house, which is pretty dark – but how cool!




A leopard, taking a moment to clean itself.


A beautiful black swan.  They have a large bird exhibit at the zoo, though Dani doesn’t really care for birds.


Hippo! We made it for feeding time, but don’t worry – despite all those large teeth, hippos are vegetarians.


Swimming around, waiting for food.  They have two hippos, one male and one female, and the female’s really food-motivated but the male isn’t.  It’s rather funny to watch.


Hyena! (Or something close. Anyway, it’s super cute.)


Cheetah! You can’t see, but there’s a couple of children the cheetah’s looking at.   Hopefully, out of curiosity and not hunger!


Tiger, tiger, burning bright! I love tigers.  Also, what a luxurious life, napping in the middle of the day.


Ostrich – all those feathers!


And what, I ask you, is more awesome than a capybara? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.


Lizard (iguana, I think.) So creepy and cool!


And last but not least, this little gal peeking out of her log.  Super cute!

This is only a little bit of what’s happening at the San Antonio Zoo – lots of monkeys, birds, elephants, and other animals I didn’t get pictures to put up here. You should check it out if you’re ever in the area!

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