Cambridge Flowers

I had to walk to the library today and brought along my camera because it’s spring and all of Cambridge and Boston is starting to bloom.  There aren’t wildflowers like there are in Texas, but the trees here flower, which is amazing and there are lots of cute little gardens with big, beautiful flowers, so it’s a fair trade-off.


These are the white-flowering trees! I’m going to try for some whole tree pictures this week; this post has all close-ups.


And this is a bush with pink flowers! (Yes, I have no idea what any of the flowers are called, but they’re pretty nonetheless.)


More pink flowers! I love the lacy edges on these ones.  A lot of these pictures are very technically similar, by the way – sorry!  I was more interested in the flowers than my technique, I guess.


Yellow flowers!


Tulips!  At least I can recognize these ones.  Though they’re giant teases – they stay almost bloomed for quite a while.


I loved the placement of this one!


These ones look so much like lantana!


Pink flowers, all lined up in a row.


White tree flowers, but not the smelly kind.  (Some of my Boston native coworkers complain about the smell of one type of tree, though I haven’t noticed it yet.)


Lavender star flowers.


A different type of white tree flowers! Maybe the smelly kind…?


Big pink tree flowers.  Some of the trees flower and leaf at the same time and some flower first, then leaf.


Not flowers but it made me laugh.  Senior can be vicious, y’all.


A very, very small field of tulips.


Just poppin’ out to say hello! I can’t believe I’m lucky enough that all of this was within a five minute walk from my door!

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