Boulder Loop Trail New Hampshire

My friend Anna and I went up to New Hampshire this week for some easy hiking – and we only got lost three or four times, so score! It was gorgeous!


The view from the ledges at the top of the ledges – breathtaking!


Mountains framed by pine trees.


More pine trees – they smell so good! And more mountains!


Mountains and treetops.  Fields of trees below!


The forest floor and fallen trees! The day was so bright and sunshine-y!


This is the river at the start of the hike.  It was absolutely worth the drive alone!


A ledge! This hike went up about 1000 ft and there were lots of opportunities to climb up boulders and go off-trail (and get a little bit lost) which was so much fun!


A tall, tall tree.




I like to think of these as ghost leaves.



The forest! It was a gorgeous hike, a little more challenging than last week’s, but with spectacular views as a payoff.  (Go right at the beginning of the trail to hit the ledges at the end, not the beginning.) There was lots of cool mushrooms, moss, lichen, a brook, and even a chipmunk or two! I was playing with my rented wide-angle lens so I didn’t get good shots of those, but trust me, there’s so much more to see than I was able to capture here!

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