The Arnold Arboretum

My friend Anna and I headed out to the Arnold Arboretum in Boston a few weekends ago.  It was the perfect time to head out – the lilacs were in bloom and everything was green and beautiful.  The Arboretum is huge and we definitely didn’t have time to explore everything, so we’ll be going back soon! But here’s what we did see.


This big beautiful tree greeted us upon arrival.


The lilacs! I loved the way the sunshine illuminated the petals.


Maybe lilacs? wasn’t sure what I was looking at most of the time, even though there were labels I wasn’t reading.


Purple lilacs! I did not expect the broad range of colors, that’s for sure.


This tree had already started to shed its flowers and it looked like fairy blankets covering the ground.


Tall, tall trees (shrubs?) and all the waters in the seas.  It was nice to find such a large nature retreat in Boston.


Pink flowers!


I still haven’t gotten over all the flowering trees! They’re just amazing.


Sights like these make me really excited for fall.  If spring can bring all these colors, I can’t imagine what a proper autumn will look like! I also can’t wait to get back to the Arboretum to see everything I missed!

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