Grandma Visits Boston!

My grandmother – who is 88 1/2 – made a “last hurrah” trip up to Boston to visit me (which was incredible of her!) with her friend Dale, who organized the entire trip.  You could not meet two more amazing people! Anyway, Grandma and I had a blast exploring Boston, so here’s the “Best of” from the week!


Eating at The Lobster Pot in Provincetown! Going to the Cape and back made for a long day, but Dale used to live here – and married her wife here, right before they moved back to Texas – so it was really special to get to explore it with Dale.  Plus, the seafood was delicious.  (Dale is on the left; Grandma’s on the right.)


The view from our window while we were eating.


I took them whale-watching (Well. I drove. Grandma paid) and we saw a schooner on our way in.  Very exciting! I tried to stick to morning activities that would let Grandma sit whenever she needed, and whale-watching actually worked out really, really well.


Plus, we saw lots of adorable humpback whales! Sadly, none of them seemed inclined to show off like they did last time, but we still all had a really great time!


A whale just barely surfacing – look at the way the light catches her skin!


We also went on a Duck tour of Boston! This is from the water portion – that’s Dale in her bright pink shirt! The tour was awesome – full of humor, sights, and, rather unexpectedly, a man mowing a sidewalk.


A mirrored building in downtown Boston (I have got to start taking notes for my blog).


And, finally, the Boston Holocaust Memorial.  It’s a lovely and striking work of art and I can’t wait to walk through it to experience it fully.

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