Hiking on Lonesome Lake and Mt Cannon

Last weekend I hiked up the Lonesome Lake trail on Mt Cannon and did about half of the Hi-Cannon trail. (I, er, forgot to eat dinner the day before and breakfast that morning and was so woozy that the first mile took me over an hour.)  I didn’t summit, but I’ll go back another day! 



This is Lonesome Lake, which was worth all the wooziness of the first mile of the hike.  (Seriously. Food is fuel.  Fuel is important.) Look at the beautiful glassiness of the lake and the sky and the mountains – oh, it was such a beautiful place! I sat and ate there and just really enjoyed the view.  


Okay, the other reason I didn’t make it to the summit is because I kept on stopping to take pictures of all the cool things I saw, like this tree.  How can you not love a tree like this, that’s telling the notoriously bad New Hampshire weather: “Screw you! You wanna know me over, that’s not gonna stop me from living!” Rock on, awesome tree.  Rock on.  


And the mushrooms! There were so many colorful, cool, delicious (just kidding!) mushrooms on the trail.  In Texas, I only saw boring off-white mushrooms, but here in New England, they’re in all these gorgeous, vibrant colors that I can’t get enough of! 


While I was eating, a bunch of ducks came right up to me and posed for the cameras.  They were so cute and friendly! (I think they were hoping for food, because they came right up to my face and stared at me. It did not take away from their charm.) 


 And, finally, a second mushroom picture – I loved the reddish ones! I didn’t get too many pictures this time, but I went up in the very early morning, so I was loving the lighting.  Hopefully, I’ll have even more beautiful scenery to share when I attempt Cannon again! 

2 thoughts on “Hiking on Lonesome Lake and Mt Cannon

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