Cambridge Carnival International

I went to Cambridge Carnival last weekend (a celebration of African culture around the world.)  It was right outside my work, so I thought I would just pop in and take care of a few things, which ended up taking over an hour, but after that I managed to get out and enjoy the festivities, and it was so much fun!


This was my favorite part of the vendor show.  I especially love the Cricket at the bottom.


After I looked at the vendor show, I looked west and saw some bright colors, so I went to investigate.  It turns out there was a whole parade of costumes celebrating different cultures – African, Caribbean, Bahamian and more!


People of all ages were parading and dancing. So much talent!


The costumes were bright and brilliant! Sorry for the bad picture quality – I couldn’t get a good spot in the crowd and was struggling with lighting.  Barely 8 months away from Texas and I forget how to deal with the sun.


The costumes were so extravagant! Simply gorgeous! And the people dancing were of all shapes and sizes – I really loved watching the parade, though my hearing may never be the same (be prepared for loud music!)


And finally, a stiltwalker doing things I could never do! Very cool.  I definitely wasn’t expecting this event to be as mind-blowingly awesome as it was and I’m so glad I made the time to go.

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