Austin 2014

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! My ankle is finally starting to heal and I expect to be up and about with my camera within a few weeks.  Also, today is the first snow of the year! So exciting!

But … onto blogging! A very sparse amount of pictures from my Austin/ACL vacation.


We stayed with Dale and Mary, friends of my grandma, and they have deer that come up to be fed every day. An uneasy truce is maintained during the feeding.


Dale helping Afton feed the deer.  Only one doe came up to be fed by hand, but I think she was the cutest anyway.


Gobbling the corn up out of Afton’s hands! The drought is getting better but the deer were still very hungry.


The elegance of a deer cannot be overstated.


This buck was actually quite chubby – all the other deer seemed too scared of him to get close, so he ate more corn than any of the others.


Feeding her the last handful!


Dancing at ACL! I sadly was not able to dance due to my sprained ankle (when I did dance, Afton looked me up and down and said, “Wow. You used to be a much better dancer.”  Thanks!) but luckily Afton was there to pick up the slack.


Finally, Afton returns from an expedition to Amy’s with a surprise ice cream – they accidentally made her a gummy bear ice cream instead of a strawberry one because they got confused by her gummy bear earrings! They made her a strawberry one and let her keep the gummy bear cup free of charge and we both got stomachaches from too much ice cream. (Completely worth it!)

Ah! It was so good to be back in Austin – I went to all my favorite places, got a flat in my brother’s car, saw some great bands at ACL, and ate a lot of delicious food! It was really nice to take a vacation in a place that I knew so well.

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