I’m skipping out on Thanksgiving this year, but my roommate and my friend Lupe hosted this amazing Friendsgiving meal. I only have a few photos, since my friends made me put my camera away and help relatively soon into the process.  IMG_8645

Anna checking on her carrot salad, a Russian favorite.


Anna prepping some garlic.  She and Lupe did most of the (delicious) cooking.  I mainly rearranged furniture and entertained people while they did the real work.


That’s Lupe in the background! She and Anna are the same (very short) height and they both love to cook and feed other people.  All of this works well for me, as I get to eat yummy food whilst feeling incredibly tall when I’m around them.


A small portion of our food, including my mashed papas.  (Grandma potatoes, we call them at my house; my grandmother makes the best mashed potatoes.)


Food view number two, with salads, green beans, sweet potato pies, and silverware. It was all very good!

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