Turtles and Dolphins

A few years ago, my family and I went on a cruise where we visited a turtle sanctuary in Grand Cayman and I did a one-day dolphin training lesson in Cozumel.  I may have taken approximately 600 pictures of turtles, but I managed to narrow it down to just a few for the blog.


The first stop in the turtle sanctuary was to visit the juvenile turtles, which you could pick up and pet! (Looking back, maybe not the best idea… but they were adorable at the time!)


Baby turtle giving me the side-eye.  The cutest!!


Flappy baby turtle! They flap their fins when you pick them up!


But if you scratch them under their chin, they calm right down.  The whole process adorable – that’s my hand, by the way.


One of the many full-size turtles (which we were not allowed to interact with) just lazing around in the sunshine.


From my dolphin training bit! Most of the time I was in the water but I got to wander around and take pictures during lunch.


From my dolphin interaction – I didn’t take this photo; the place’s photographer did.  I told the dolphin to splash me and she did! This was honestly one of the most fun days of my life – playing around with dolphins and learning how they’re trained was so much fun! I was so lucky to be able to go.

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