Wildflowers – I-37, TX

I popped down to Texas last week for a friend’s graduation (congrats, David!) and had the opportunity to take some pictures of the wildflowers that were still blooming – bluebonnets were out of season, but plenty else was blooming. Because of the rain, there were flowers out I hadn’t seen in years.


Little purple star flowers!


At a rest stop on 37-S.


Same rest stop, just a few feet shifted. I love all the colors that paint the fields.

IMG_2635 IMG_2640

A close up of some of the flowers; the white on on the right is one I haven’t seen in a really long while.


Beach flowers from Mustang island!


Purple fluffy flowers – feel free to identify any flowers in the comments!


More beach flowers.


And finally, a cute little daisy-type flower peeking out to say hello.

There were other flowers that I didn’t get pictures of, of course – I was so glad to be able to catch the end of wildflower season.  It’s one of those things Texas does much better than New England!

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