Dance for World Community Festival

My roommate is in a Latin dance performance group that performed recently at the Dance for World Community Festival.  So of course, I went along to support her and enjoy the dancing. (And broke a toe in the process, but totally worth it!)

IMG_3731 IMG_3736

On the left, my roommate joyfully dancing and on the right, her teammates performing a bachata routine.


A young folklorico dancer who performed right after Anna’s group.  She was quite fun to watch.


After ice cream, we watched a group of Iranian folk dancers (only noted in the schedule as Iranian Dance).  Their outfits were as intricate and lovely as their dance.

IMG_3828 IMG_3884

I’d never seen Iranian dancing before, but it was a really beautiful form of dance, with lots of graceful, subtle movements that were entrancing to watch.


They finished with this pose, which I thought exemplified both the grace of the dance and the absolutely gorgeous costumes.


Here, a type of – for lack of better phrasing – line dance, with lots of intricate footwork.


A group shot of the men and women dancing.


Everyone seemed really happy to be out on the stage!


And, my favorite, a hand shot – so much of the dance seemed to center around what they were doing with their hands, so I’m glad to capture this moment.

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