Apple Picking

My friend Ariel organized apple picking at Westward Orchards.  We arrived right around noon, so we all grabbed lunch there – caramel apples for Ariel, sandwiches for Lupe and Sean, donuts for Hans, and apples and cheddar for me; all delicious!

IMG_2747     IMG_2756

Hans and I split a bag for picking, determined to find the best and shiniest (read: most inaccessible) apples. It took a bit of diving in (and a little bit of acrobatics, much to everyone else’s amusement) but we were very happy with our harvest!


Lovely apples, just waiting to be plucked!


The colors were so bright and pretty!


And the shine!


A few of the apples that littered the ground under the trees, which made picking a little more interesting.

 All in all, a fantastic lunchtime excursion! Happy fall, everybody!

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