Marsh Sunset

Yesterday afternoon/evening, we had a really lovely sunset so I grabbed my tripod and camera and headed out to the marsh behind my apartment.


The last thing I saw before I packed up was a plane leaving pink streaks through the sky.  I snapped a few quick pictures because the streak was just so cool!


The marsh grass! It was really hard to capture both the gold of the grass and the blue of the sky – I did the best I could in lightroom but it’s not quite as pretty as it looked in person.


Here in Quincy, we get these lovely pink and baby blue sunsets (and sunrises) that I absolutely adore.  They’re this really understated loveliness.


A second shot – I couldn’t pick so I just posted both!


The very last of the leaves, still hanging on until the bitter end.  It was such a gorgeous ending to the day – I’m cherishing the sunshine before winter sets in for real.

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