Mt Willard

At the end of our Franconia Ridge hike, it started snowing – and it continued snowing throughout the night.  So the next morning, when we did a quick hike up Mt Willard (part of my efforts to peak bag New Hampshire’s 2000 fters!),  the Whites had changed into a winter wonderland.

IMG_0021  IMG_9962

Well, not quite a wonderland just yet – but definitely the beginnings of one! Snow covered trees are the best!


Mt Willard is a very easy hike (maybe 1000 ft of easy elevation gain over 1.5 mi?) with stunning views at the top – I recommend it for anyone who’s looking for an easier hike! Here’s the ridge that includes Jackson-Webster.


From the cliff, you look directly down into Crawford Notch (yes, this is what a notch looks like!) – it’s especially stunning with the sun playing peek-a-boo through the fog and clouds.


There were a few brave firs growing at the edge of the cliff.


Anna and Hans, styling at the top!  This was the perfect day-after hike; it was short and easy with lovely views and a good deal of fun to do. (There’s even a small waterfall and river on the trail!)

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