Quincy Walkabout

I finally explored the little nature preserve near my house last weekend – it was long overdue (my roommate came with me and prevented me from taking my usual turn towards the beach – all for the best!)


It’s so close to spring I can barely stand it; the sun is setting after 7 pm and flowers are slowly popping up all around town.


The first thing we found was a cemetery where sailors from the Civil War were buried.  This was an old (but not original, I don’t think) headstone.


The little cemetery itself.  It was very cool to run across this little snippet of history, clearly well taken care of.


A grove of trees outside the cemetery – behind me is a nesting spot built for herons (I’m returning later in the spring to see if I can see them building a nest!)  Waiting for the trees to bloom/leaf out is driving me crazy – I can’t feel like winter is over until the trees are no longer bare.


But then I see little encouragements like this and I know that if I’m just patient enough, spring will come.  The wait is driving me crazy, however.  I feel much like Ratty in The Wind and the Willows – the wind is blowing and everything is coming alive!

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