Acadia, Day 3

Our final day in Acadia we were planning to go for a bike ride on the carriage roads but it was raining enough that we decided to tromp around the park on foot instead.


We did a beach walk and ran into this adorable little guy.


He was a tiny squirrel and not quite sure what to make of us.


We did a very short walk along the coastline from Sand Beach towards Thunder Cove, though we didn’t quite have enough time to make it all the way.  You can’t quite see, but there are rock climbers present.

IMG_1258      IMG_1248

The other place we went was the Wild Gardens of Acadia, which has little sections of garden representing each of Acadia’s ecosystems.  Pictured here are bluets and wild blueberry flowers.


We found a pitcher plant (they’re carnivorous!)


The spiky purple rhodora.


The nodding trillium was probably my favorite wildflower, though.  I liked how it hid away.


And finally, lady slippers! I’ve read so many books that mentioned lady slippers and I’d never seen them before so I was inordinately excited to see them – and they turned out to be so pretty and aptly named!

All in all, Acadia was quite wonderful and I wish I’d had more time to spend there.  For hiking, I still prefer the White Mountains – but you can’t beat Maine for gorgeous green scenery.

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