St. Kilda Beach

Hello again! I know it’s been a good long while, but I was really sick in Australia* and then the semester started at school, then I went to China, then I went home, then I came back to New Zealand and was just out of the habit of blogging.


But my friend and I went to the beach today and I brought my camera and it inspired me to post again! First, the seagulls.


I love the seagulls here! They’re big, loud, and annoying and somehow it’s quite endearing to me.  And they strut everywhere.


This is my friend, Sam! She was the organizer of our trip today – she is not loud or annoying but she does like to strut a bit when she can.


It was an absolutely gorgeous day to sit on the beach and pretend to work.


We ended up mostly watching puppies and surfers – also, this isn’t an editing difference; the sky really did look that different depending on which way you were looking.  Welcome to Dunedin!


And finally, beach flowers on the way out!  It’s springtime and all of Dunedin is blooming!

*I have photos from Australia that I’ve yet to post and I will, as well as photos from China, but in the spirit of honesty, most of my Aussie summer was spent going to my internship, and then lying in bed watching YouTube videos or sleeping. Not quite the adventure I had planned, but an adventure nonetheless.

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