Salsa Dancing at the Oasis

I’m part of the salsa group at UT – I love dancing and last Sunday we had an outing to the Oasis.  On Sunday nights the Oasis has a live band, the Brew, an open dance floor, and free lessons with no cover/age restrictions. (Amazing view, fantastic band, great dance scene, but the food is overpriced and not so bueno.  You should go out there at least once in your life, though; aim to eat around sunset and sit outside.)  We arrived after sunset; otherwise I would’ve included some scenery shots. I realize my blog has been a little short on the friends part lately, so here are all my salsa homies – they’re even more fun than they look!


Every night of dancing starts with the changing of the shoes.


Spinning and spinning! (Also, yes, the lighting is red, but mostly she’s just badly sunburned!)


This is classic Jordan.


The attitude in her face really makes this picture!


What you can’t see is that Jordan is actually sitting down.


Out on the main dance floor.


This is the feeling you get when everything clicks.  It’s amazing! (And so is Alicia, who’s in this picture!)


More attitude! Salsa can be all about bringing some ‘tude to the dance floor!

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