Hope Farmers’ Market


I biked to the Hope Farmers; Market today, which is always fun – especially now that it’s finally nice weather again! I got a little sun-tinged; next time I’ll remember to wear sunscreen.  On the way there, three girls who were running a lemonade stand called me over.  I hate lemonade but they were adorable and excellent salespeople, so I bought a glass of lemonade, which spilled all over my hand when I was biking on.  Also, lemonade tastes just as gross as it did the last time I tried it.

A dairy stand; they do low-temp pasteurized milk (you can’t transport raw milk in Texas though they are petitioning to have that rule overturned.)  I bought a half gallon of milk here because I have a milk addiction.  They didn’t have fat-free milk, which was sad.  (I love whole/2%/1% milk but too much of it will give me stomachaches so I generally stick to fat-free.)

Adorable food truck

A sandwich food truck – I really love the rustic design! The owner actually buys his bread from one of the farmers’ market’s bakeries.

Ice cream truck

Ice cream truck

Ice cream food truck.  I’ve never actually had Cool Haus ice cream but once the temperature hits the 90s or 100s, I’ll be stopping by there first thing after my bike ride.


They have a live band every Sunday; this was today’s.  They played Latino music.



Which inspired some dancing from the customers!

Spinach and carmalized onion tamale

This is the spinach and caramelized onion tamale I had for lunch.  Tamales are one of the most delicious foods on the planet.  When I was little, my parents would always share their Christmas haul (they own a store and many customers bring in homemade tamales during Christmas), but now they eat them all before I arrive for the holidays. So I’m really glad I found this vendor, which has all sorts of non-traditional tamales (this one was vegan) for sale.  Also, yes, that is my Perry the Platypus water bottle.  I love it.

Two person yoga

Two person yoga

While I’m eating, I can watch the yoga class that’s going on.  It mostly seems to involve lifting other people and then ending up in vaguely pornographic positions, but hey, to each his or her own.


Local egg vendor! I loved all the different egg colors and if I cooked with eggs more than once a year I would have bought some.


This is the sign for the giant vegetable vendor, which is one of my favorite places.  I love, love, love vegetables. (And hate, hate, hate fruits. )




These are some of the yummy vegetables they have available.  I really love chives and was tempted to buy some, but I decided to be adventurous with my purchases instead.  (I was also adventurous in trying gluten-free cookies -yummy; hibiscus mint tea -yucky, but I don’t like tea despite how badly I want to; and sourdough bread – yucky because I hate all things sour. The vendors were really great about letting me try things and then not getting offended by the “Oh, gods, why?!?” expression on my face.  The food was all high quality; I’m just very adventurous for a picky eater.)


This sign was on a fence near the farmers’ market; I laughed so hard. My favorite part is where they signed off with “love.”


A Japanese sweet potato; adventurous food purchase #1.


Unknown vegetable (I forgot the name); adventurous food buy #2.

IMG_2967Delicious ciabatta bread from the sourdough guy.  I ate half of it, made sandwiches, ate a sandwich, noted the mayonnaise used in said sandwiches was 5 months expired and, on the advice of my food expert (Mom), threw the rest of the sandwiches away and am now on the lookout for symptoms of salmonella poisoning.  C’est la vie.

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