Community Garden

I know I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I volunteer at a community garden on Saturdays, so I’d thought I’d make a blog post about it.  The garden is at 5604 Manor (and it’s called 5604 Manor Community Garden) and work days are from 9-12 Saturday mornings.  If you’re interested in community gardening, you should find them on Facebook and consider swinging by.  As an added bonus, I took these pictures when I was taking care of my parents’ new puppy; the cutie in the picture is Molly.


Here’s Molly with one of the garden’s volunteers. Molly loves (LOVES!LOVES!LOVES!) people.  And attention. And affection. Molly loves everything except the word “No.” Thankfully, everybody at the garden was cool with a puppy getting under their feet and most gave her all the cuddles she could want.


This is Julia, one of the garden leaders, breaking up the ground so we could start making the plot.  She really got into the whole tilling thing.


One of the regular volunteers, who always serves as an oasis of calm in the sometimes hectic world of urban gardening.  Seriously, though, he is very chill to be around.


Happily hoeing away!


Molly-dog coming over to say what’s up! She decided to nap right in the middle of the workspace, causing everyone to work around her for at least half an hour. This is after I moved her multiple times – she just came right back to “her” spot.


Finally, she decided to go nap by the compost piles.  Puppies need lots of sleep!


After working hard, we all sit down and share in a potluck.  This time we had a professional chef come by and bring food, which was delicious – I can’t remember his name or his restaurant’s name, unfortunately, but I wish I did!


Some of the delicious meals other volunteers bring.  It’s always quick and simple things, like vegetables or casseroles, but they taste so good after a morning of hard work!


This was the professional food; there were several different types of pates and yummy fresh bread.


Chowing down!


The chef brought all kinds of pickled foods – I don’t like anything pickled, but I thought it looked cool.


Thankfully, others at the garden liked the pickles and we ate everything.

Anyways, ending with a shot out to the garden.  I love being able to spend a few hours on Saturday digging in the dirt and playing in the sunshine.  If this sounds like your kind of thing, you should head out our way or check out a community garden in your area.

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