Austin Art Walk

This weekend I went for a walk to see what I could see.   And the first thing I saw was a circus!


And this family, waiting for the circus, brought their cute little pet along.  (I’ve seen those in stores but never in real life.) Unfortunately, the circus tickets were $38 (!), which was out of my price range.


By happenstance, however, I was a short walk from the Art City Austin festival that was going on, featuring tickets I could afford and artwork I could not.  They also had a dining area full of food trucks.  Yum!


This was a very family friendly event.  There were children playing everywhere!


And to encourage that, the Austin Chess Club had a giant chess set out  for kids to play with! Awesome!


The first match I watched.


The members of the chess club helped by offering advice, explaining rules, and sometimes picking the move.


A strategy session; a meeting of fine minds.


Considering his next move.  Don’t be fooled by his youthful appearance – this young mastermind was decimating his opponents.


This kid was adorable! He saw my camera and looked straight into it for a picture.


This branch is where the cool kids hang, yo.


A close up of the white knight and some of the chalk artwork done by the children.


Victory is mine! sayeth the young genius.  (Seriously, both I and the chess club members were quite impressed by his mad chess skills.)


People seemed to be taking this giant words quite literally.  There was one that said art, though I didn’t spend much time around it.  One wonders, however.


This awesome-sauce lady made me the most delicious peanut butter and honey crepe.  I was so happy! (I’d never had a crepe before, guys; can you believe it?!)


This is the name of the crepe food truck.  All the workers are deaf/hard of hearing and I was so excited because I used my miniscule knowledge of ASL to order and I was understood! (Okay,  I signed “6” and “Thank you” but still! It was quite an adventure for me successfully use a language I had never communicated in before.)  Anyway, if you see them about, definitely give them a try! They have both sweet and savory crepes and they’re absolutely delicious.

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