Shakespeare in the Park: A Winter’s Tale

I love going to the theater but doing to be a perpetually broke new grad, I don’t get to go all that often.  Shakespeare in the Park is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the theater – and the only way I enjoy Shakespeare at! It’s free (and free parking, too!) and I went closing night with one of my friends.  I took my camera and we sat fairly close to the stage.


The King, descending into jealousy-driven madness.


The Queen’s plea for her life.


And the scene that the marks the play’s change from a drama to a comedy. I won’t use the word dramedy to describe a Shakespeare play, but it’s very disjointed!


Time comes and then time passes.  I thought it was death, at first, but then he pulled out that big ol’ hourglass, which clued me in.


The start of the big samba dance scene!


Oh no! An amoral life is so hard.


The samba dancers!  They had several numbers and were truly excellent.


The live drummer bands.  So good! My friend and I were sitting and dancing and wishing we could get up to really move.


Comedic dancing.  The guy with the red nose was hilarious, as was the red-headed woman.


The final costume change – so sparkly!

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