Luling, TX – the start of summer!

Memorial weekend we headed out to the Luling watering hole for the first romp of summer. My brother and I got to hang out with our adorable baby cousins (there’s a 3rd little boy on the way! Which is awesome, because their mom is in the business of making the best kiddos ever.)

But first, important business!


There’s a duck nesting on my porch!  She’s laid 22 (!) eggs, but has discarded 5 and I mistook one for a leftover Easter egg, so now there’s only 16.  I’m heading out to vacation in June, so I’m hoping they hatch before or after so I can catch beautiful pictures of little duckies!


We headed out to the watering hole and this guy was riding his horse around.


This is Copey, who’s now 5.  And super cute! Possibly sneezing.


A perch someone caught using a lazy line.  Copey and Tucker kept on pulling them up and throwing them back into the river, though, so no luck for whoever’s line it was.


The best part of having young cousins is getting to rough house with them.  They love being thrown around – right now their favorite game is being picked up and spun around as fast as possible.


But you can’t play with just one – as soon as Copey starts laughing, Tucker wants to play too!


Their most beauteous father.


A moment of brotherly love!


More playing around – Copey’s happy!


Tuckerman!  He’s gonna be 3 soon.


This is Copey, explaining to me where corn comes from in their garden.


See? Tucker posing by the corn sign.  Look at his bad-A batman tat!


Copey picked a tomato for him to eat and a leaf of cilantro for me to eat.   He’s very knowledgeable about harvesting vegetables!


And this is the toad he caught outside later that night and then had to return to the garden.  I tried to get a picture of him and Tucker petting the toad, but Copey did not want to share his toad with Tucker.  Oh, well.  He’s scared of the dark so when we went to release the toad I faked a boogeyman sighting and scared the beejeesus out of him. That’s what cousins are for, after all!

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