Deer in Lago Vista

So I know in my last post I was all, “Boo hoo! Busy! No posts!” But then my grandma came to town to visit her friends Dale and Mary – who she’s known for nigh on 40 years! – and they all invited me out for dinner Sunday night.   Dale feeds deer from her back porch every night  – some of them will even eat out of her hand!  The lighting was gorgeous and I just had to get my camera out.


The baby!  It got startled by something and ran away!


Look at this gorgeous light!  And the deer, nibbling up the corn.


This fawn stood a safe distance away, waiting for Mom to finish.


The one male deer, with his cute fuzzy antlers! Also, look at baby’s BIG EARS SQUEE!!!!


More bat-eared baby shots.  Oddly enough, I hated “Bambi” growing up.  Maybe I should rewatch it?


This is why the baby stays cautious – the does fight over the corn, even though there’s plenty for everyone.  They even try to bite each other!


Baby got really brave and snuck up to an adult to see what all the fuss was about.


They came over to the side of the house eventually.  The neighborhood is a nice mix of urban and rural; spacious without isolating.


A nervous look at the camera – I guess even graceful deer get camera-shy!


An adventurous doe kept wandering closer and closer, though she didn’t quite muster up the courage to eat from Dale’s hand.


Speaking of, here’s Dale’s hand! I took a picture of her face but she looked very dour in it. In reality, she’s one of the most vivacious and friendly people I’ve ever met, so I decided not to use it.  Her wife made the most wonderful supper, so I was fed at least as well as the deer were.  I hate cooking so I am always grateful for a yummy home cooked meal.

In retrospect, I should have gotten a group photo of everybody but alas.  I got distracted when a gnat flew into my viewfinder and died.  At least the body isn’t showing up in the pictures!

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