Ringling Brothers Estate Part III

The final post from the Ringling brothers museum/estate, which will finally allow me to start posting the rest of my Florida pictures.  I’m back from vacation, with my own computer and reliable Internet connection, so with any luck there’ll be a steady stream of posts from beautiful Florida.


These pictures are from the 2nd circus museum which had a bunch of props and life-size replicas.  This greeted us as we walked into the foyer-type area.


My most wonderful friend Brenda completing the tightrope walk and pressing the button at the end to signal her accomplishment.


There was a mannequin wearing a dress that had been part of the show.  The dress was ornate and drew from Marie Antoinette-esque fashions,  but this cat was just gaudy.


A hobo clown.  I’m a little disturbed by the paper mask, honestly.


A real clown car!  It’s so cute – and I bet it’s gas efficient too.  It was my favorite prop in the room.


Finally, this is the only picture I took in the mansion – isn’t it a gorgeous chandelier?

Anyway, the museum was fun and there was tons to see! I definitely recommend swinging by if you have a chance. 

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