History of Diving Museum

We stopped at the History of Diving Museum in Islamorada, Fl on a whim.  As with about 70% of whims, it turned out to be a good idea.  (Don’t ask about the 0ther 30%, though.)


The first thing that I saw when I stepped out of the RV was this beautiful hibiscus.  They’re all over Florida and I finally snapped a picture of one.


Once inside the museum, we saw all kinds of equipment from the development of diving.  I’m so glad that I’m using the light, modern scuba equipment!


A cool mask; please ignore the grammar error in the label.


This exhibit slightly terrifies me.  It takes a brave and confident person to wear homemade SCUBA equipment.


An underwater scene.  The figures were eerily life-like.


Especially since you can’t really see a face of a scuba diver anyway.


The ones that didn’t look like creepy humans looked like the inspiration for the next Star Wars movie.


But even Star Wars extras deserve love!

It was a fun museum – lots of information and interesting diving pieces.

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