Ducklings and duckys!

Remember back in May when I said this important business happened?  Well, that important business has finally paid off and now there are ducklings  on my porch! SO EXCITING AND CUTE AND FLUFFY I JUST WANNA DIE!!!!

Okay.  Back to normalcy instead of squealing.   I took a few pictures but mama duck isn’t too happy with me or my camera and I didn’t want to stress her out too much, so the photo session was short and sweet.


The duckys are in all different colors – black and grey and yellow. So sleepy and cute!


The evidence of their hatching.  Also, this duck has left my porch a mess. All in the name of cuteness, I suppose.


I’m not sure if all the eggs hatched or not, but they sure are crowded in very close.  (I’m really hoping all the eggs hatch and all the ducklings survive.  Please keep your fingers crossed!)


This is the look mama duck gave me that made me think perhaps I wasn’t a welcome guest.


More adorable duckling-ness! So cute!


The one in the back, snuggling up to mama.  (I was actually mostly checking to see if she was alive or not.)

I’m going to try to keep on taking pictures but if the mother gets too stressed out, I won’t.   Once they’re up and about I’ll be able to get tons of cute pictures of them in the pond and grass;  I don’t know how long that’ll take but it should be soon.

Oh! If you have any ideas in which to reduce mama’s stress level or help keep the ducklings alive – besides leaving them alone, which is my main plan – please drop a line in the comments.

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