Moved to Boston!

Hi guys! I know my blog has been dead lately, but that because a) I was very lazy and then b) I moved to the Boston area! (SO EXCITING AND IT HAPPENED SO FAST!)

I don’t have any pictures for this post because I was busy driving, but here are some things that happened on the drive up to Boston from Texas:

1) My brother, who lives in Atlanta, missed his flight to Brazil the day we got into Atlanta, so we got to spend the night at his place and catch up over breakfast.  I haven’t seen him for about a year so that was really exciting.

2) We saw an SUV spin out of control and flip during heavy rainfall on I-85.  They were going about 85 mph, and we were the only car around – thank god we were around! They landed in a ditch, so we pulled over and called 9-1-1 (twice, because we realized we may have left out important details the first time). It wasn’t really possible for us to turn around (divided highway and the exits were more than 5 miles apart; plus the rainy night was not safe conditions for being on the inside shoulder near a slick spot) but I really hope everyone in the SUV was okay.   I’m really glad we have 9-1-1, by the way! I have no medical training, so if I hadn’t been able to call 9-1-1, I’m not sure anyone competent would have been able to get there quickly, as I was in a strange state and didn’t have anyone to call.

3) I left my iPod touch in a Holiday Inn in Baltimore and they sent me an e-mail letting me know. So they’re mailing to my parents (I don’t have a permanent address yet), which is fantastic of everybody involved!

4) I ate crab for the first time. It was incredibly messy but delicious.

Happy New Year everybody! My New Year’s resolution is to get at least CPR certified and maybe a couple other emergency certifications as well, because I keep on ending up in situations where I’m calling 9-1-1 and that’s all the assistance I feel qualified to offer.

May the new year bring you many adventures! (And spare a good thought or two to anyone in the SUV when it flipped, please.)

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