Cambridge, Part 2

Hey guys!

So I’m finally moved into an apartment in Cambridge, at a price I can afford (but that’s still ridiculously high) and that is a long walk or short bus or bike ride to my work.  I’m so excited about it!

I am surprisingly homesick, though it’s getting better every day and any time the sun is out, I feel so much better.  And thankfully, my lab feels like a lab, which really helps – I’m not homesick at a lab bench, even if all I’m doing is reading papers and proposals and protocols.  Tomorrow I’ll be done with safety training and I’ll finally get to pick up a pipette again!

Plus, my lab mates have all been amazing these first few days, and everyone keeps on telling me how awesome the lab is – the P.I. (big boss) is just incredibly nice and chill, while still maintaining high standards.  The only bad thing is I am ridiculously sad every time I fill out paperwork and have to put down MA instead of TX.  I nearly burst into tears in the HR office and wouldn’t that have been awkward!?

I’m thinking about prowling around with my camera this weekend so I can finally post some photos in my photoblog.  I’ve got to unpack, but it shouldn’t take that long! Half of my stuff is still being transported up here – though a lot is going to be sold when it arrives.  Oh, well.

I know I sound all sad and down, but I truly am glad I moved up here.  I’m so excited about the work I’m doing and I’m glad I get to push myself to really have an adventure! Once I get settled and start tango classes and join a gym and make friends and start visiting the million bookstores around Cambridge (!), it’s going to get a lot better.  There’s going to be so many adventures to have.

Also, a big shot out to my many amazing friends and family who have listened to me complain about being homesick and moving and have carved out time to make me feel better.  Thanks!

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