Walking to Work

I walked to work today and decided to take my camera as it has snowed pretty heavily on Tuesday and there’s still snow everywhere.  I’m still unpacking (my U-box came in today so I have furniture!) and I’m exhausted, so that was about all I had the energy for.  But I’ll try to explore more next weekend! IMG_0395

This is the park a block or so up from my apartment.  It’s small but nice.  I really want to go out after the next snowfall (look at me, all casual and winter-y!) and make snowmen and snowdogs and other snow sculptures. It seems like the perfect place for it.


They sand and salt all the major sidewalks here, so sometimes you’re walking on this, which is basically a mixture of snow and grit.  It’s nice because you don’t slip and fall on your rear (so far, it’s sidewalk: 1 and me: 0) but it’s funny to walk on it, especially in my snow boots.


These are the militia men statues that are randomly in a park on my way to work.  The first time I saw them, it was dark, so I thought there were actually three men with guns staring at me.  But my first thought was, “Huh. MIT must have a rifle team.  It’s weird they practice at night.”

Maybe I should work on my survival instincts.


These are the rent-a-bikes right outside of my building.  I’ve been tempted to try it out at least once, but haven’t come up with a good enough reason to just yet. Someday!


Inside my building! These are blown up images of different tissues seen at a cellular level under a microscope (the cells are modified so they emit different colored florescent lights). It’s the coolest! The one closest are muscle cells.


Finally, an MIT sign for the building next to mine.  I just took a fancy to it.

I think I’ve said it before, but walking to work is so very nice, especially on a day like today, when the sun is out and there’s so much to see!

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