Car troubles y mas

Hi guys! No pics today but I’ll make it my mission to take some for a post Monday or so.

Life here in Boston is pretty sweet.  It’s getting up into 50s just in time for my birthday (and I don’t think I’ve ever gone so long in my life without having the temperature hit 70 or 80 but 50 is really exciting right now!), the snow is melting – I’m really freakin’ out about the amount of snow we have.  What are we supposed to do with all of it!? – and the sun is shining.

I like my job very much! I like my roommates, I like my commute to work, and I like the people I’m slowly but surely meeting as I begin to get out and about.

My poor car, however, does not like Boston.  My belt doesn’t like the cold, and it squeals.  My brakes don’t like the snow, so they don’t work consistently when it’s snowing (exactly as terrifying as it sounds).  My neighbors didn’t like where my car was parked, and so it got towed. (Okay.  It was technically in front of their driveway, but their driveway is fenced off and they never use it and there was no more parking because of all the snow! I guess I can’t really complain – but I want to.)

Luckily, I walk a lot and thus save my car the trouble of interacting with the snow.  I used to go through a tank and a half a week and I’ve used about a third of a tank the entire month + I’ve been up here.  At this rate, I won’t have to fill up my car until it stops snowing.  And I may not drive until then, except to get my car to a mechanic and back, so it’s all good.




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