NYC (Part II)

This blog post is dedicated to the museums we went to – the Met, which I could’ve spent an entire week in, and the American Museum of Natural History.  (Our museum choice was dictated by a friend’s corporate membership; we got in free to both museums.)

Afton and Eli checking out a model of the moon at the natural history museum.  There was a very cool hall dedicated to the universe.

IMG_2681A replica of dissected frogs! Much cleaner than the real thing!


A poison dart frog from this amazing exhibit on poison that was my favorite part of the museum (that I saw. 3 hours did not allow us to see much!)


From the hall of dinosaurs!


This was my favorite fossil display.  It was probably a scavenger, says the sign, though we can’t be sure.


This is from the brontosaurus display.  Cool fact of the day: The groves on the bones are from the tendons and ligaments.


This cute little guy made me laugh.  It’s so funny shaped – a dodo, I think.


The hall of Greek statues, at the Met. (which was enormous and where I did not have nearly enough time!)


Little Greek statues – ah, that notorious puerile Greek sense of humor.

IMG_2823And finally, some nice old-timey guns from the weapons and armory display.  I loved all the paintings I saw, as well, but I don’t like taking pictures of pictures.


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