NYC (Part III)

This post is dedicated to all the offbeat things we saw in NYC – your not-so-typical sights, as it were.


All of my friends at Central Park! That’s Stephen, Afton, and Eli, respectively.  We had so much fun running around together – we’re hoping to meet up again in Washington, D.C., and Hawaii in the next year or so.


There’s a castle in the middle of Central Park! Maybe this is common knowledge, but my friends and I had no clue, and neither did any of the tourists we ran into.  But it’s really cool!


On our second day there, we got caught in a proper thunderstorm and were soaked through! We ended up hiding out in a Starbucks, where a friendly barista gave me a giant trash bag to act as a rain coat.


The graffiti and outdoor artwork was one of my favorite things about the city.  Some of it was just ugly lines painted on buildings but a lot of it was simply incredible.


Afton eating some bread and oil at the Italian restaurant.  Okay, not completely unexpected, but I really like this photo!


From a street vendor in Little Italy – a whole bunch of pocket watches! My favorite one (not pictured) was a little ladybug whose wings covered the clock face.


A giant cannoli in Little Italy! He gave us a flyer for a cannoli place, but I ended up enjoying some coffee gelato instead.


I have no words.  I don’t even know.


Eli masterfully using chopsticks to devour some delicious Chinese food.

IMG_3061And this giant, friendly skull we saw on our way to see “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” on Broadway.  (Loved it, by the way! Neil Patrick Harris was amazing!)

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