Penobscot River – Millinocket, Maine

My brother and I went white-water rafting on the Penobscot River in northern Maine last weekend. (With Northern Outdoors – they were a great group. They were rowdy and the humor wasn’t child-appropriate but there weren’t any children and I found it fun.) Unfortunately, my camera is not waterproof so there are no pictures of the gorgeous river scenery or the whitewater rafting. But we did go camping as well! IMG_5298

There was a slight mix-up in the reservations – I thought we had reserved a cabin tent (and thus did not pack a tent or sleeping bag) and they thought we had reserved a campsite – and since we arrived at midnight, this ended up being my bed for the night. What’s an adventure without a few unexpected twists?


Luckily, they were super nice about it and we got a cabin tent the next night.  It was a very cool way to camp out! 


This was the view from the back of our cabin tent. Maine, by the way, is absolutely, positively, breathtakingly gorgeous.  Just absolutely fantastic scenery.  This is Mount Katahdin.  The grass on the side of the lake is actually hiding a bog (which I didn’t know when trekking down in my flip-flops, but it was totally worth it!)


And, finally, a view from the behind the trees.  There were lots of lovely trees everywhere and I particularly loved how the light was hitting this grouping.  

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