King Richard’s Faire (Part III): Bagpipers and Bellydancers


From the RenFest: This little boy was enjoying the heck out of the bagpipers, Hrafn Irish, and both the bagpiper and the drummer came over to say hi.  (Also, I can’t find any info on Hrafn Irish online, so if you’ve got something, drop it in the comments, would you please?)


This is their bellydancer, who is unfortunately nameless to me (again, put it in the comments if you know, please) but she was amazing.  Bellydancing and bagpipes went together much better than I thought they would’ve.


I also loved how colorful her outfit was and how well all the colors went together. It’s hard to put together an outfit like that, but here it’s done perfectly! And it accentuates the movements so well – I really enjoyed photographing her.


Mainly, I loved her gorgeous, gorgeous skirt.  She was an incredible dancer, and it was such a unique experience to see someone dance to bagpipes (and the band was excellent! I would recommend listening to them!) like that.

2 thoughts on “King Richard’s Faire (Part III): Bagpipers and Bellydancers

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