Blue Hills

I finally made it out to the Blue Hills a few weeks ago – I went for a very short hike, lost the trail, got very lost, and had to crawl under a thorny hedge and walk across a bog to get back to a place I could recognize.  I can’t wait to go back, but I hope I have a bit better luck!

IMG_7763Lilypads on Houghton’s pond! I love lilypads; I wonder if these ones bloom in the spring?

IMG_7773Tiny little wildflowers! I get irrationally excited about wildflowers; they’re so rare around here.

IMG_7801I love the play of the light once you get into the heavily wooded areas.  All the trees are so gorgeous when the sunlight hits them!

IMG_7823And a weird log.  It made me smile – it looks like an alligator drawn by Dr. Seuss.

IMG_7876More lighting in the trees! I must’ve taken fifty pictures of this and I still don’t think the results capture how lovely this scene was. (This was also when I was lost and was starting to think, oh, you should probably get found now.)

IMG_7890And the bog I had to walk over! It was really gross but funny at the same time.   I think I got in more trouble in these little hills than I have in any of the times I’ve gone hiking on a mountain! It was pretty easy to get found again, though, and I definitely enjoyed my hike.

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