Texas Independent Book Festival

Another old set of photos, these ones from April 2012, when I hightailed it over to Houston to go to the Independent Book Festival with one of my amazing friends, Maria.

This is Maria, who is both gorgeous and amazing.  She’s quietly snarky-hilarious and very thoughtful – a nice counterbalance to my impatient, loud-mouthed self.


A southern magnolia! I miss these big beautiful blooms.


After the festival, we walked around Montrose, this incredibly beautiful neighborhood in Houston.  We found a telephone booth and I immediately sent Maria (by the way, it’s pronounced MAR-ee-uh) in for pictures.


I should remember what this building is, but I have no clue.  But it’s a gorgeous building.


This tree had the weirdest knot it in. It could be a tree tumor (trees get tumors!) but it looks like the tree’s about to birth a demonic baby.


A toned-down version of Maria’s signature, “Really, Rachel?” look.  I asked her to model for me a lot that day. Only ’cause she’s so amazing, though.


Finally, a gorgeous rose we encountered on our walk.  Houston is so lush and green, it always surprises me that it’s really part of Texas. I’m always glad for an excuse to visit, though!

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