Faneuil Hall

It snowed yesterday!  Enough to lightly cover the ground and cars and shrubs and it was cold enough today to stay on the ground.  Last night, I went for stroll in the snowfall and this afternoon, I went to explore Faneuil Hall.


The shrubs that line the yard of my apartment.  So gorgeous with the snow on them!


A house on my walk to the T station.  The sun was shining today, nice after the gloom of the past week, and it made the snow so much more magical!


A cute little potted garden outside one of the big banking institutes downtown.  They were beautiful with the new fallen snow and their lovely green colors.


A trio of street performers was active when  I arrived.  They were funny and personable, but this gentleman actually did manage to jump over all these people. (And, in an earlier jump, over a kid a bit above 5′ tall.)  I didn’t catch their name, but definitely stop for their show if you get a chance!


One of the carriage horses – there were about three or four them prancing around today.  This fella was fairly interested in my camera’s clicking.


And, finally, the last performer I saw, a seemingly steampunk Grinch.  I took quite a few pictures of him and dropped my spare change in his bucket (I had no cash) and after I did, he slowly turned towards me and held the pose long enough for me to get a few pictures.  He was exceedingly and wonderfully creepy.  (And his bucket said “Pre-ransom for trees!)

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