Mt. Jackson in the winter!

In my winter hiking quest, I hiked up Mt. Jackson last Sunday and then went sledding down the Carriage Road on Monday.  Doing two hikes in a row was exhausting, and I didn’t take very good photos, but it was a ton of fun and such great experience! Jackson was particularly amazing because I hiked it last summer so I really could see the difference between summer and winter! IMG_8984

The forest on the way up.  The haze is more from the condensation on my lens than the actual views – it was super wet and humid and my poor camera didn’t stand a chance!


Taking a photo of taking a photo! Our group paused for a second to pose.


Someone called this bird a “grey jay.” I don’t know if that’s the correct name, but they were cute, brave, and very willing to eat off our hands.


The only picture worth sharing from the sledding trip – a pause on the way down to crash into each other and regroup! I had a fabulous crash and my group leader smashed into me soon after.

Sledding was absolutely a blast! Going up was hard – the incline was steep – but coming down was the best fun.  I couldn’t stop laughing, even as we crashed and crashed and crashed.

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