Imp Trail

I finally am getting comfortable enough, four hikes in, with the winter conditions to concentrate on actually taking pictures, and the pictures of my group’s Imp Trail hike (tasteful nudity included in the summit, but not in the pictures!) are a lot better, thankfully!  I’ve included a lot in this post, just because I’m so excited about them!

 ice, frozen streams, winter

A stream we crossed on the way up – I loved all the ice formations that form and the flowing water.   My white balance is off here, so it looks more blue than it is.  I may be more comfortable with hiking in snowy conditions, but I still have a lot to learn about photographing it!

winter hiking

A couple of my hiking mates.  This trip, unlike the others I’ve been on, had just a few more women then men, which was a nice change.  Everyone was excited to be out and about trying new equipment, and our leaders were excellent!

white mountains, fog, snow, winter

It was a fantastic view! The hike wasn’t exceptionally difficult and the views were wonderful, which was exactly what I wanted after last weekend’s grueling adventures.

white mountains, fog, winter, winter sky

From the almost-summit of the Imp trail, one of the Presidential mountains. I loved all the fogs and clouds rolling along the mountain tops.

pine trees, snow, branches

A snow-covered pine tree close up! Snow changes everything!

white mountains, views, beautiful, hiking

A more southern (maybe…it is a different direction) view.  The sky is a gorgeous, gorgeous color.

Icicles, tree branches

Ice dripping off the lower branches of a tree.  This was as the day was winding down so the lighting wasn’t as good, but it was just too cool to pass up.

Winter Sky

The sky as the sun was setting. A sunny winter day is an amazingly beautiful thing from start to finish, and I was so glad to be able to spend this one out, about, and adventuring!

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