Middlesex Fells

I took the easy hike this weekend and tromped around the hilly Middlesex Falls just outside of Boston for a few hours.  It was really fun and I was glad for the break after pushing myself so hard for the past few weeks!


It was a beautiful sunshine-filled day! The snow was deep and we kept on postholing, but it was all part of the fun.


A few members of our group, including Kaya, the Husky puppy who joined us on our adventure!


We ran into another 4-legged hiker who immediately made friends with Kaya. They were the cutest!


The rolling hills were snow-covered bliss!


My hiking group! That’s Anna kneeling with the big smile and me somehow standing in the middle in blue. They were a great group!


Here’s Kaya, loving the snow! She kept on bounding off-path and burying herself in the snow – I can’t believe her feet didn’t freeze.


A fellow hiker, also a native Texan! (We are legion!) She was really awesome.


Hiking up the big hill on the Skyline trail – our fearless leader and energetic Anna! (Seriously.  The girl is tiny but she bounds through the snow like a boss.)


Kaya stopping after the ascent and checking out the stragglers.


As the name promised, the Boston skyline! It wasn’t my favorite view but it was pretty nice if you like skylines.


Our group heading up the last part of the trail back to the parking lot.  We had a blast!

This hike was fairly easy, very close to Boston (accessible by public transit), and easily modifiable, so if you’re looking for an easy way to get out into a snowy wonderland, this is a great place! If there was a recent snowfall, be warned that the trails might not be packed down so you may have to work to get through the snow – it would be a great place to try out snowshoes for the first time!

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