Blizzard of 2015

I’m enjoying my first New England blizzard, and it’s a good one! Work got cancelled so my roommate Anna and I bundled up and headed out to – where else?- the beach.  Thankfully, we had all of our winter hiking gear to stay warm, dry, and nearly windproof for the hour and half we spent exploring our snow-covered neighborhood.

blizzard of 2015

Walking down the road becomes a big adventure with the high winds and snow.

snowy beach

The waves crashing over the snow banks at the edge of the beach.  Fantastic!

playing in the snow

Anna joining me on the beach! The snow was piled high and not packed down, so we were falling in up to our knees.

snow on the beach

The shoreline with a snow spray!

snowy driftwood

Water breaking over a piece of driftwood.

snowy beach rocks

And over some ice- and snow-covered rocks.

ice covered shrubbery

Ice-covered shrubbery.

blizzard 2015

Catching a gust of wind! Anna and I actually ended up walking backwards to keep our faces and hands out of the wind.

winter forest

A tiny peninsula that’s mostly bog. Seagulls kept on trying to fly by it, but they were having trouble going forward against the wind.

Quincy, MA winter

Back in the neighborhood streets and protected a bit from the wind! There were a good number of people out shoveling driveways and it ended up being a fun neighborhood walk, though I was glad to get back into our warm apartment!

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