Anna in Quebec

My fellow adventurer and roommate, Anna, graciously agreed to pose for many photos for me for a blog post.  She’s kinda awesome like that. So this is my Anna in Quebec post!


On our first day there, we walked out of breakfast (crepes for Anna and eggs for me) and found Bonhomme – a good omen indeed!  He’s actually fairly rare to sight on the street, apparently, so everyone was excited to see him!


Anna with the Canadian Parks mascot – they were handing out marshmallows and had a little fire going. Anna took one and apparently it was delicious.  (I had to decline and they looked so sad!)


We found a pay phone bank in Old Quebec! I don’t think any of the phones were operational – this one had a bottle tied to the phone.


A dog mascot at the Carnival itself – he was wandering around the snow sculpture competition (upcoming post!)


They had a ice replica of the “Game of Thrones” throne near the ice castle (yes, an ice castle!).  I really needed a different lens to capture everything but nothing I own was appropriate.  Next year, I’m going to rent a lens and take it up.


Reading an ice scroll in the ice castle (which was the coolest!)

I had such a great time wandering around Quebec with Anna (who did all the work and planning for this trip; all I had to do was show up and bring my car.  She’s great!) If you get a chance to go to the Winter Carnival, dress warmly, plan for warming up time in your hotel room, and go!

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