Aquarium du Quebec

We saved the latter half of Sunday to go to the Quebec aquarium, which was really, really awesome.  We wandered around for about two hours but we could’ve happily spent another hour or two and definitely will want to catch a few shows next time.


Seals! They had harbor and leopard seals that were swimming around outside, playing and just generally being adorable.


We wandered by the walrus exhibit during feeding time, which happily coincides with basic training time, so we got to watch a few tricks. They were so much fun to watch!


Polar bear! The aquarium has two, but only one was in the exhibit.  To be honest, he was pacing and looking terribly anxious, so we didn’t stay long, but hopefully he was just missing his buddy.


An Artic fox! At first, both of them were sleeping very curled up and we didn’t think we were going to see anything but when we were just about to leave, one got up and ran around the pen for a few minutes – she was the most adorable creature ever!


I couldn’t decide which picture was cuter, so I decided to post both.  I loved their little faces and intense stares; their fluffy white coats and – just everything about them, honestly! I could’ve spent all day watching them.

The Quebec aquarium was amazing! We saw all the animal exhibits but there were some trails that we didn’t get to (and a whole inside with actual fish and everything that’ll be a separate post) and some really cool nighttime events that I’d definitely be interested in trying out.

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