Quebec Winter Carnival – Street Scenes

My last post from Quebec – featuring the actual winter carnival!

I really did not capture the winter carnival like I wanted to, but here’s a very small taste of what I did manage to shoot.

Bonhomme, the official mascot of the Quebec Winter Carnival, who we saw on our first day there! He was chattering about in French (which I don’t speak) but he was a jovial old fellow.


Bonhomme stickers were all over Old Quebec – everyone was joining in the celebration! It was really nice that the entire town seemed so enthusiastic about the festival.


And, it being Canada, hockey was everywhere! Lots of kids playing street and ice hockey while older teens and adults were carrying hockey sticks all around town.


And these folks, snow plungers and dance enthusiasts, who I am affectionately referring to as the crazies.  There was a big “bathing suit in the snow” party, which I was happy to watch wrapped in 5 layers and a nice big fluffy coat. No extreme cold nudity for this Texan!

The carnival was great fun and there was so much that I didn’t get to adequately show with my camera – it was a nice way to celebrate winter and shake off those winter doldrums (and avoid Boston’s 4th snowstorm this year…sheesh!) I highly recommend running away to Canada to rediscover the joy in winter.

3 thoughts on “Quebec Winter Carnival – Street Scenes

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